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messengersofholinessMessengers of Holiness

by Amy Crofford and Brad Crofford

Africa Regional Director Filimao Chambo says, “The proverb, ‘African porridge must be drunk from an African calabash,’ tells us that in order for the church to have a bright future, young men and women of Africa need to be fully committed to the Great Commission.” African Nazarenes have crossed borders and learned new languages to share the message of Christ with people near and far. This book reminds us of Africans who were and are messengers of holiness in Africa and beyond and encourages us to dream with those whom God calls to missions now and for the future.

amissionsmosaicA Missions Mosaic

by Donna M. Wilson

While Canada has frequently sent Nazarene global missionaries over the years, Canada’s open immigration policy has opened the door for missions opportunities to come into the country for years. According to 2011 demographic stats, international immigrants born outside Canada make up almost 50 percent of the population. As multiculturalism grows, the resulting diversity of people form a beautiful mosaic across the land. This mosaic also offers new missions opportunities for the Church of the Nazarene in Canada to make disciples in the nations both near and far, as they include the people who have come to them.

branchingintomissionsBranching into Missions

by Tim Crutcher

Have you ever wondered how your life connects to God’s mission within the Church of the Nazarene? If so, this book is for you. Everyone—not just missionaries—should be involved in God’s mission to redeem the world. Just as a tree’s roots, trunk, and branches provide specific roles in producing fruit, various aspects of the church help produce fruit for God’s kingdom. Like a tree reaching out in many directions, the Church of the Nazarene has many “branches” of mission. This book invites you to find an opportunity for missions-involvement that connects your heart with the needs around the world.

amazonadventureAmazon Adventures

by Larry Garman

Remote. Isolated. Threatening. Intriguing. In the Amazon jungle overlooking the Kusu and Marañon Rivers, Larry and Addie Garman, young missionaries in the early sixties, made their home. Walk through the jungle, navigate the raging Marañon, slip quietly along a remote trail, and celebrate God’s amazing grace and one couple’s total surrender to His will. God does extraordinary things with ordinary people—folks like you and me—when they are fully surrendered to Him. God has done an extraordinary thing through the Garmans! Your life will never be quite the same after reading these stories.

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