A few weeks ago, I showed a life changing, extremely profound video clip from the movie “Dumb & Dumber.” There was kind of a spiritual application that could be made… maybe. No, it was an introduction to the concept of Road Trips. Jesus was walking with his disciples on the Emmaus Road and in the time they had together, he revealed to them all the Scriptures about himself explaining why everything happened the way it happened i response to the cross.

Road Trips are life experiences where the time spent with others on the journey is compacted and the level of relationship is deepened exponentially. You can see it even in the church on student ministry trips or the camp trip next week, the concentrated time together and spiritual growth that happens at a retreat or other event is often worth a whole year of Sunday School or Wednesday nights combined.

The good, the bad, and the ugly comes out during a road trip… there is plenty of time & transparency that happens when you are in close proximity to others for days on end while you are on the journey or adventure.

The Road Trip serves as a metaphor for several different things…

1) it represents the journey of our lives… from birth to death. From point A to point B and into eternity. I simply want us to view our lives with God as a road trip, a journey, an adventure filled relationship with God.

Several years ago our church developed a mission statement that would act as a guide for all that our church does… and as a filter for everything in which we participate.

2) As our church journeys along through it’s own life story, we put together a vision to help us remember and be directed by the path we believe that God is calling us to travel on our Road Trip of life.

It goes like this:

Nikiski Nazarene Church wants to become passionate followers of Jesus Christ as we connect with God, create authentic relationships, & combine our efforts in service.

NNC wants you to become a passionate followers of Jesus Christ, as you connect with God, create authentic relationship, and combine your efforts in service.

NNC wants me to become a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, as I connect with God, as I create authentic relationship with others, and combine my efforts in service.

3) And finally, three… we will be journeying through that mission statement on-and-off throughout the next year.  Right now, we begin the first leg of our journey through our mission statement.

We are going to spend the next 4 weeks discovering what is means for us to CONNECT WITH GOD.

In the late-summer and early-fall, we will walk together through what it means to CREATE AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS WITH ONE ANOTHER.

And finally, in the winter, we will unpack the last piece to COMBINE OUR EFFORTS IN SERVICE.

And it is the strong belief of our church that by wholeheartedly participating in those three areas that we will be passionate follower of Jesus.